The WorkVisual App – The Visual Facilitation Tool for the iPad

About the App

The WorkVisual App is made for professionals using the iPad for Visual Facilitation or Presentations.
All its features are aiming to be used in a live setting like a workshop, an event or a meeting. You can create your own presets to speed up your set up process for visuals and you can use a split screen to present on screen without distractions.

This is, what makes the WorkVisual App special:

1. Full/Follow Projection Mode – Splitscreen
2. Saving projects related presets of brushes and colors
3. Saving a default picture with your preferred brushes, colors, layers, and background images
4. Having shortcuts to your favorite brushes
5. Using brushes that remember their color
6. Having a perfected drawing experience without any lags
7. Being able to change layers in drawing mode
8. Enabling filtering in search
9. Being able to organize your drawings with tags
10. Having a simple to use User Interface
11. Allowing you to export RAW files
12. Letting you print High Res Pictures up to 8k pixels
13. And last but least letting you create perfect videos of your drawing process (this tool is in Alpha Mode, no guarantees)


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What others do with it

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We’ll add pictures of users here in the future